Waka Flocka: I Lost Millions During The Pandemic!!


In an episode of Waka & Tammy, Waka Flocka revealed that he lost millions of dollars thanks to the pandemic.

“I ain’t do no shows in like, three months,” Waka told mom, Deb Antney.

“I’m broke […] If you don’t make money ma, technically, you don’t got money,” he said. “I lost millions.” 

He added, “I go back to zero every year, ma, and this year is not looking good.” His mom told him he needs to save his coins.

“My broke, people say is they rich,” he told producers. “But what I am gonna do is figure out new business ventures. I’m just goin’ with the wind, man. I’m going with the water, I ain’t goin’ against the ocean.” Elsewhere, Waka revealed that he’s making a return to music, but he’s not going to “do what he’s usually been doing in music.” Check out the clip below.


Y’all believe Waka is broke?

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