Waka Flocka Boasts About His Impact On Hip Hop

Waka Flocka spoke about his impact on the game in a new interview.

“I was bringing the lifestyle into rap, I wasn’t supposed to do that,” he said on DJ Akademiks’ podcast. “Put it like this, I got electric wire – I’m from where electricity hang at, right? But then I finally found out I can swim in water without getting shocked. So I started swimming. ‘Oh this sh*t is cool, it’s happy'”

He continued, “But one day I drop a plug in that muthaf*cka and everybody get electrocuted. So is swimming dangerous, or is what you did made me dangerous? Meaning, that people are bringing danger into a lifestyle that pulled them out of danger. So it makes it dangerous.”

He says you have to choose one lifestyle or the other.

“You can’t do this and this,” he told Akademiks. “I can’t just trust a n*gga trying to play balance street or music, ain’t no balance.”

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