Wack100: New Ray J-Kim Kardashian Sextape Has ‘Disgusting’ S*x Scene!!

The drama between Kim Kardashian and Los Angeles music executive Wack100 is heating up. MTO News has learned that Wack is claiming to have viewed what he’s calling a “new” s*xtape between Kim Kardashian and Ray J.

And according to Wack, the new tape contains a “disgusting” s*x scene.

For years, MTO News has been hearing rumors that the original footage from the 2007 Ray J-Kim Kardashian adult video may have contained a scene where Ray J allegedly ur*nated on Kim. According to the rumors, Kim and Ray J felt that the scene was too over the top, and they deleted it from the final video that was released.

Those rumors were never proven to be true and the rumors fell into obscurity over a decade ago.

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But now Wack100 is feeding into the rumors, and bringing them up again. MTO News confirmed that the executive went on Clubhouse yesterday and said that he saw unreleased footage of the Ray J-Kim K video, and says that it contains a “disgusting” s*x scene.

While discussing the unseen footage on Clubhouse Wack 100 claims the third tape has some “disgusting” acts on it. 

Kim Kardashian and her legal team are fired up over Wack’s explosive claims, and are threatening him with legal action if he continues to talk about the video.

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