Wack 100 Shades Meek Mill: He’s The Most Overrated Rapper!!

Wack 100 went off on Meek Mill in a recent Clubhouse interview.

“He got axed to headline his own world tour. They had to cancel ’cause the tickets wasn’t selling,” Wack said. “You too mid-game to be doing eighty thousand units when you signed to Roc Nation. When you think of Meek Mill, you gon’ think because of the persona that he’s a A- [or] B-list artist.”

He threw several other shots Meek’s way including that he hadn’t “seen no real type of endorsements, unless I missed it.” He said Meek should be on Rick Ross’ level by now.

“This is nothing against him, I don’t know why he’s tied to Roc Nation,” Wack continued. “That’s a great company. They reach is limitless. All the artists f*ck with them. Even though him and Game had they problems, Game still like doing music with him. They done three songs since the bullsh*t. I don’t know.”


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