Wack 100 Says The Game Wrote 50 Cent’s ‘What Up Gangsta’

Wack 100 says that 50 Cent’s ‘What Up Gangsta” was written by The Game.

“When you heard 50 rap on the documentary, that’s what he wrote, n*gga. Obviously. That n*gga didn’t write sh*t for me,” The Game said. “N*ggas know. I wrote ‘300 Bars.’ Was 50 there?”

Wack 100 added, “I’mma speak on something he don’t ever speak on. What up, cuz. What up, blood. What up, gangsta? Who you think wrote that.”

Game said: “All the sh*t that I assisted my pen with on Aftermath, from Dr. Dre records to being in there on the G-Unit album, and being there at the middle-tail-end of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. I ain’t never said, Oh, I wrote this certain song — I don’t give a f*ck about that, my n*gga. If it’s about writing sh*t, and staying on point with your pen, n*gga, it’s been 20 years, my n*gga. N*gga, I’m here right now with a song on the top of the Billboard, right now.”


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