Wack 100 Says He Warned Pop Smoke Not To Stay At Hollywood AirBnb


Wack 100 says he warned Pop Smoke not to stay at a Hollywood Airbnb and to stay at a hotel instead.

He said he told Birdman to pass on the message.

“I told him four days before to get that man out of there and send him to the W. I was in Europe and Avery or Monte Lipman (of Republic Records) had called through Birdman and they were kinda asking me stuff. I told him, ‘Get him out of there and send him to the W Hotel.’ I started getting calls from my people that the homegirls was up there and this and that. I’d just advise when y’all on your way up, take small steps,” he said on No Jumper.

In the comments section, some fans suspect Wack 100 of being involved.

“Seem like everybody knew where pop was but pop didnt care??? Sum dont seem right,” one follower wrote.

“Wack100 sent the goonies?” another typed.


Unfortunately, Pop Smoke did not listen to the rapper’s advice and four days later, he was killed in a brutal home invasion.

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