Wack 100 Responds To Suge Knight’s Interview

Wack 100 responded to Suge Knight’s interview on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

“I’m gonna sit this one out cause when I say it I’m the bad guy so I’ll let y’all call it what it is . Last I checked the assailant was a #StreetNigga —- He said who had what and they did what ? Available now on @mworthofgame,” he said resharing a clip of Suge’s interview.

Suge is in prison appealing for his release after he was forced to take a plea deal. Suge called into the podcast after Wack did a series of interviews speaking about him.

He accused Suge of feeding 6ix9ine info about Snoop Dogg during their beef, and says that Suge blames Wack for his near 30-year sentence.

“For the record, Wack is not the reason why you got 28 years. That’s not the reason. You f*cked up the deal that Wack had for you. Out of the kindness of my heart, I went and did that. You f*cked that up, so your legal money left. It was never coming from me directly. Only thing I did out my pocket was pay for his mother’s funeral. May god rest her soul. That’s what I did,” Wack said at the time.

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