Wack 100 Reacts To Murder Of Jaqueline Avant: Do We Defund The Police Now?

Wack 100 has reacted to the murder of Jaqueline Avant, the wife of a music executive who was shot and killed in a home invasion.

“No explanation or No excuses. She’s your mother, your aunt, your grandmother the family’s friend She didn’t deserve this. A lot of robberies & home invasions going down. DO WE DEFUND THE POLICE NOW? Naw laws need to change mandatory 25 yrs for a home invasion and the right to murder the ones found in your home or trying to gain entry. Eliminate the call the police or if there fleeing the home part of the law!” he said.

“This needs to be addressed. Streets & Prisons need to punish anybody that hits those jails. Needs to be a paperwork check upon entry …. Don’t WAIT UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO ONE OF YOURS.”

Her husband, Clarence “The Black Godfather” Avant was in the home during the incident but he was not shot. She was taken to a nearby hospital but she was pronounced dead shortly after.

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