Wack 100 Goes At Meek Mill Again!!


Wack 100 is still continuing to clown Meek Mill over his confrontation with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

“Single dropping in the morning: #TheRatAttackedTheCat,” said Wack in the caption of a video post that shows him in the booth. It seems we can look forward to the diss track sometime over the next week.

“@safaree was chased down right #SelectivePoliticing -I keep it real. If any man I gotta issue with approached me in a threatening way you will be attacked. Your team against mine if that’s the set up. Either way it’s suppose to be smoke. #RattsUp1 – Fact YOU GOT PULLED UP ON —— DONT GRAB THE CAMERA BALL YA FIST UP OR GRAB THE PEACE MAKER,” Wack 100 wrote in a post which started the back and forth between the two.

“This is @wack100 talking behind his “blood homie” back to me when he supposed to be smoke! Never believe this old manipulator. He really p*sssy and will have you crash to protect hisself… It’s sad you out here tryna mislead the youngins on the net… You run up on me if you wanna set a example! You biting your homie back out to opps while it’s on, LOL. You were excited from that Nip situation IDK how they let you rock in LA… I think you a Fed also! Didn’t you just get shot off the net? LOL #Wack100Exposed I love going at you fake bullies…” Meek responded.

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