Wack 100 Goes At Jim Jones Again: He Runnin’ From Somethin’!!

Wack 100 is not backing down from his comments about Jim Jones being a snitch.

“F*ck all that. We’re talkin’ about this conspiracy and wire-tapping… What’s happenin’ my n*gga? He ain’t addressed it, my n*gga. He runnin’ from somethin’,” he said on Clubhouse.

The day before, Jim Jones went off on Wack in Clubhouse.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I make a lot of money, f*ck head ass old n*gga, I’m tired of all this sh*t. I stand tall for everything I believe in, I always have. No matter what. I’ve been around this whole world. F*ck the country, n*gga, rocking my same colors. Can’t nobody tell me anything, n*gga. You know how we move in New York City, n*gga. I put a whole coast on. I let a whole coast eat. I put this sh*t in the sky, n*gga. The same way Snoop put the sh*t in the sky, I put the sh*t in the sky, n*gga.”


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