Wack 100 Defends Kanye West

Wack 100 has defended Kanye West from people who call him crazy.

“Let me give you a description of where he’s at right now. This where he at ’cause I spent a lot of time with him. Think about your extreme to anything. He’s not going to look at the extreme. He’s thinking past the extreme,” Wack said.

Kanye has been called crazy since his campaign to win Kim Kardashian back, but since she has stuck to her decision to date Pete Davidson, he has turned and is now accusing her of keeping him from his kids. In a recent interview, he even threatened the Kardashians in a recent interview with Jason Lee.

Wack says Ye is sane.

“Not only is he thinking past the extreme, he’s in that point in time trying to figure out how to accomplish it. Right? That supersedes the extreme. So, to us, we’re like, ‘Yo, you gon’ do what? Ah, man, you crazy as a mothaf*cker, man.'” 

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