Wack 100 Calls Jim Jones A Snitch: Facts Is Facts!!

Wack 100 has agreed with Tekashi 6ix9ine that Jim Jones is a snitch.

6ix9ine, a snitch, called Jim Jones a snitch on Clubhouse recently and questioned why the rapper is not in jail.

“Jim Jones, listen. I don’t know what your issue with me is, bro. The kid the one that called you a snitch. Facts is facts, my n-*ga,” Wack says in the video.

“You gave an order and that order was carried out. You got gun cases in Virginia that nobody knows where they went. The fact that you had to have a n*gga from jail call, right. And you on the street. You p*ssy, my n*gga,” he continued.


“I thought we was better than that but since you want to direct it to me and not talk about what that man said, and what’s on the internet, right, about you talkin’ on a wiretap, lets me know that you are running from something,” he said. “‘Cause not one time, Jimmy, have you addressed what that man said about you.

Y’all think Capo is a snitch?

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