Wack 100 Calls Charleston White ‘An Active Racist’


Wack 100 wants former gang leader Charleston White canceled.

“You goddamn right we grew up raping white hoes, n*gga!” said White. “Running trains on them white b*tches. We grew up raping white b*tches in the South, n*gga. And they my Facebook friends, right now, today.”

In a new video, White says he is glad rapper Slim 400 died and that he wants a “bunch of Black gang members” die. 

Wack 100 says it’s time for people to get him outta here.

“I HAVE 1,000 for this man’s work location. WE NEED TO ALERT THEM THAT HE IS A ACTIVE RAPIST,” wrote Wack. “Now Anybody and I mean anybody that supports this man @charleston.trolls on any level is totally against OUR WOMEN. We promote all kinds sh*t but this man needs to be CANCELLED . His voice needs to be pulled down off all platforms. HE IS PROMOTING THE RAPING OF WHITE WOMEN. HE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT ALL LIVES MATTER.”

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