Viral: Woman Shows What She Looked Like Immediately After BBL SURGERY! (Disturbing)

Brazilian Butt Lifts are currently the most popular cosmetic procedure for Black women in America. Most people just see the results of the surgery, and have no idea just how risky and invasive the actual surgery is.

Now MTO News has learned that one brave woman posted a picture, taken just a few hours after she completed her Brazilian butt surgery. And it shockingly shows the pain and misery that each patient must endure – for that Instagram model body.

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Here’s a picture of the woman, who is wearing a custom suit, designed to help shape her body as she heals. According to reports viewed by MTO News, the patient is in so much pain, that she threw up multiple times.

We know what you’re wondering – how do the patients go to the bathroom while wearing that suit? We here at MTO News have absolutely NO idea.


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