Vince Staples Says He’s Not To Blame For Asian Crips Using The N-Word

After being called out by a blogger for allowing Asian crips to use the n-word, rapper Vince Staples says he’s not the reason.

“I don’t know nobody in this video but if you got a problem I can take you over there right now and you can speak yo mind,” Vince Staples tweeted back. “I don’t know what’s more egregious, cuh thinking all Crips know each others and get along or cuh thinking Long Beach is near Sacramento.”

Staples used to run with the Crips in his teens. The blogger later said that he was just being sarcastic.

After being dragged by Twitter, He then responded, “I’m weird but not the man complaining to me about some people I don’t know cause they ‘Crips’ you n*ggas need fathers,” 

He added, “Yall act like it’s a HR department for gang bangin,” continuing. “How you let somebody you don’t know say something? If I’m letting them than you letting them.”

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