Trick Daddy Fights Woman . . . Because She ‘Rejected’ His Advances! (Vid)

A video of Miami rapper Trick Daddy getting into a quarrel with a woman has surfaced online.

The incident took place outside of a Miami nightclub. Trick and the young woman can be heard arguing in the clip as things begin to turn physical. Trick held her wrist and the woman used to other hand to push him off. Trick then appeared to take a swing at her. Then the video cut off. 

Witnesses at the scene say the rapper paid for the young woman and her friends to get into the club but that Trick Daddy got upset when they wanted to go their own way after he spent his money on them, MTO News learned.

“A n*gga paid my way watched me whole time in the f*cking club and when we left expected something in return & I was no where near this b*tch in the club he was watching a b*tch from the other side,” the woman tweeted.

 “Lmao F*ck Trick and f*ck whoever else got a f*cking issue with it. A b*tch don’t see that sh*t. What’s $20 to a b*tch that don’t need the sh*t don’t f*cking play with me.”

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