Video Of Rapper MO3 Getting Killed Leaks; Killer ‘Looks Like’ Yella Beezy Cousin!!

Surveillance footage of Mo3’s murder last week was leaked to the media yesterday by the Dallas police department. MTO News has confirmed that the video shows a gunman chasing Mo3 down on Interstate-35E and killing him.

Mo3 was gunned down by a suspect who chased him on foot on the interstate near Clarendon Drive last Wednesday, Nov. 11.


The footage shows a man, who appears to be light-skinned in complexion, wearing a balaclava- style mask and holding a gun while running on the highway. 

Police say the gunman fired several rounds, which fatally wounded Mo3, and also hit an innocent bystander in his car. They added that the gunman was possibly driving a 2014 or 2015 black Chevy Camaro.

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Twitter went crazy when they saw the video – and many on the social media platform are claiming that the shooter looks a lot like rapper Yella Beezy’s cousin. So far police have NOT implicated Yella Jeezy or any of his family members in the murder.

But that hasn’t stopped Twitter from speculating about Yella’s involvement.


Rapper Yella Jeezy and Mo3 have been beefing in the streets of Dallas for years. Many in hip hop suspect that Yella – or his crew – may be responsible for Mo3’s murder.

Here’s a picture of Yella Beezy:

Mo3 is best known for his 2018 hit single “Errybody,” which has been streamed millions of times.

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