VIDEO: IG Live Bullies PULL Up On The WRONG House . . . SHOTS FIRED!! (Is This Self Defense??)

Two Chicago women who describe themselves as Instagram “bullies” pulled up to one of their opps’ doorstep – and were greeted with gunfire, MTO News has confirmed.

It all unfolded on Instagram Live yesterday – and it’s since gone viral across social media. Many are now asking, whether the woman firing shots was guilty of a crime – or was she rightfully defending herself?

In the video, which is published below, one of the IG bullies got into an argument with her opp, Clarissa, in the comments of an Instagram post. And so the IG bully decided to pull up at Clarissa’s home, and fight.

So the bully started an IG Livestream, which she intended to use to record the fight, and embarrass Clarissa. Shortly after the Live started, she arrived at Clarissa’s house – and started honking the horn – yelling for Clarissa to come out.

After a few minutes, Clarissa came out . . . holding a Glock pistol.


MTO News confirmed that – at that point in the video – the bully’s energy changed. The bully began pleading with Clarissa, telling her opp that “Don’t do anything . . . I got you on video.”

Clarissa then began firing her gun at the women on her property. MTO News counted at least a half dozen shots fired.

Her opps jumped in the car and immediately drove off. Before cutting off the Live, the IG bullies are heard saying, “She’s going to jail” – suggesting that they planned to snitch on Clarissa.

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