Video Footage Of Richard Sherman Trying To Break Down In-Laws Door Leaks!!

Video footage of the moment NFL free agent Richard Sherman tried to forcibly enter his in-law’s home has leaked online.

Sherman was arrested on a charge of burglary domestic violence following an incident at his in-laws.

According to the 911 audio obtained by KIRO, Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss, Sherman was drunk and threatened to commit suicide. He was also being aggressive and had gotten physical.

“He’s threatening to kill himself,” Moss said. “He has sent text messages to people saying he’s going to hang himself… This is like a f— emergency, I need officers here now.”

In the video, he appears to try and break down the door, inviting someone to step to him.

“Let’s go,” her can be heard yelling several times.

The police say that Sherman tried breaking into his in-laws’ home and tried to calm the situation down. Sherman calmed down until he was placed under arrest and then he began to fight back, allegedly.

The ball player was released without bail, the judge calling him a “pillar of the community.” This was also his first arrest.

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