Vegas Cop Who Held Tupac Shakur Before He Died Reveals He Received Death Threats


A former police officer who held Tupac Shakur before he died said that people have threatened him unless he tells the truth about what really happened to Tupac.

There are people who believe Tupac faked his death. They want the cop to cosign their story.


“Most of what I get is very positive and supportive but there are these others who are convinced I played some part in some way in what happened to Tupac, either in his passing or supposed escape,” said Chris Carroll. 

“It is very difficult for people to believe somebody as iconic was the victim of a simple murder,” he continued. “Unfortunately the most obvious scenario is what happened, but social media is a huge part of the spread of misinformation along with a bit of human nature. People want to hear about complex stories of cover-ups and conspiracies. That is not the case–sadly some people die in very straightforward circumstances even if they are famous.”

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