Vanessa Bryant EXPOSES Officers Who Leaked Kobe’s DEATH PIC!!

Vanessa Bryant leaked the names of Los Angeles police officers that Vanessa claims leaked death pics of Kobe Bryant and their daughter, MTO News has learned.

Last week a federal judge refused to allow the police to hide the deputies’ names, allowed Vanessa to add them and details from the internal affairs investigation to the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Vanessa alleges that a Sheriff’s Department investigatory report found that one police officer took 25 to 100 death pics on his personal cell phone that had no value to the investigation. The suit alleges that at least eight deputies snapped cellphone photos as well.


The suit says two days after the crash, one officer “boasted” to a bartender at a Southern California bar and grill that he responded to the scene and showed photos the trainee deputy had been sent by Mejia. They included bodies of a girl and of Kobe Bryant, the suit alleges.

The bartender told a table of nearby customers “specific characteristics” of Kobe Bryant’s remains, and the patrons became disturbed enough that one filed an official complaint with the Sheriff’s Department, the suit says.

Here are some details leaked by Vanessa:

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