Van Lathan Says Kanye West Wants ‘White Speech’

Van Lathan is calling out Kanye West.

He says that Ye doesn’t really want free speech, he wants white speech. Lathan interviewed Ye a while back and during his TMZ interview, Kanye said that slavery was a choice.

“Some things have to do with the perception he has of himself. There are some things that have to do with how people treat him,” said Lathan.

“Kanye talks about free speech, right? He talks about the fact that he should be able to say whatever he wants to say, and that’s true. But he doesn’t seem to like other people’s free speech very much… Kanye doesn’t want free speech. What he actually wants is white speech,” he said, adding that “white speech” is “saying whatever you want to say and there being absolutely zero repercussions for you saying it.”

“That is how white people used to run America and talk to Black people in the days of old.”


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