Vado Says Cam'ron Diss Was Not Aimed At Him

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Vado wants everyone to know that Cam'ron recent threats to expose rappers for speaking on his name was not aimed at him.


"The blogs, man, please @ing me man, for real. Stop @ing me. That shit has nothing to do with me, man. If anything was directed to me, it was to keep his name out my mouth and that's not a problem," he said. "Can't wait. You feel me? All that other sh*t, I'm not connected to. Ask him. If you know, you know. I don't give a f*ck honestly, but ask him. You feel me? So stop, yo. Stop, man."

He continued: "I've never been a hater. All I do when I go on these interviews is show n*ggas love. I salute, n*gga. You feel me? All that other sh*t, I never hated on nobody. I have no reason to, n*gga. I'm good man. I'm all the way good. Respectfully, I'm doing better than I ever did with anybody else … just stopping adding me to that sh*t."