Usher Thinks Diddy Should Battle Jermaine Dupri

Singer Usher was asked about a potential Verzuz between Diddy and Jermaine Dupri and he thinks it should happen.

“Being a part of the hits that [Dupri] has, I can’t say that. He has plenty of hits and I think that Diddy does, too. It’s hard for me, ’cause they both my brothers. It could definitely be a great one,” he told TMZ.

“I don’t think one is greater than the other. If it were JD and Puff, or it was Dre and Puff, or it was Tip and 50 — that’s the one I really wanna see. Tip and 50.”

Recently T.I. spoke on 50 Cent refusing to battle him and Diddy refusing to battle Jermaine Dupri.


“You saying just cause you from New York? Come on man… Then, for the motherf*ckas saying, ‘You can’t see him, you’re not on his level,’ why? Cause you say so? What have you done? Who made you the judge and the jury, the end all be all?” T.I. said.

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