Uncle Murda Slams Pharrell For Cosigning Snitching

During Pharrell’s Drink Champ appearance, he admitted that if he were in a similar situation to Tekashi 6ix9ine, that he would have snitched.

“I’m not a f*cking tough guy. You people say things about snitching — I’m f*cking snitching! Don’t talk to me about all that! Everybody plays their part, this is a movie, you guys, everybody plays their part. I am snitching! Don’t do nothing around me, I’m not built for the jail life,” Pharrell said at the time.

Uncle Murda recently paid N.O.R.E. a visit — and he had a few words to say about Pharrell’s confession.


“The difference was — you know what I didn’t like about the Pharrell thing? It was just like, why promote that. We in an era now where muthaf*ckas is thinking snitching is so cool, and definitely because of a n*gga like Tekashi. So, you got these muthaf*ckas making snitching like, a cool thing, and I was just mad at Pharrell for promoting that. Definitely on this platform. This is a big platform right here.”

He added: “I was just mad at him for promoting it at the time. That’s not cool. I was mad at Pharrell for doing that. No personal beef with him.”

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