UH OH: Cardi B’s Herpes & HPV Test Results Came Back – Find Out HER STATUS!!

Cardi B does not have herpes or HPV, according to test results that Cardi’s legal team submitted to the court, MTO News has confirmed.

Last week, news reports claimed that a judge was ordering Cardi B to turn over her medical records to a blogger she’s suing. The blogger, Tasha K, allegedly told her audience that Cardi B had herpes and HPV – and Cardi sued her for defamation.

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Well now MTO News learned that Cardi’s doctors turned over those medical records – and they show that Cardi does not have herpes or HPV. Doctors performed an exhaustive blood test – which they claim prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Cardi does not have either virus, and she never did.

And yes, we have receipts. Here’s Cardi bragging about turning over the negative tests to the blogger:

So what does this all mean for Cardi’s lawsuit with Tasha K? Well it’s bad news for Tasha K. Her main defense to Cardi’s lawsuit is now gone, now that it’s been proven that Cardi doesn’t have herpes or HPV.

Tasha better get on her knees and start begging Cardi to let her out of this .. . . 

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