Uber Drives ‘Abuses’ 2 Chainz Wife & Kids . . . Rapper RESPONDS!! (Video)

Uber has been upsetting a few Hip Hop artists lately and at least one of them is expanding on a situation that went viral online. First, Snoop Dogg shared a video of a text exchange he was having with his Uber driver who wrote that he couldn’t deliver the rap icon’s food because the neighborhood wasn’t safe. 

Now 2 Chainz has shared a video showing a driver attempting to kick his wife and daughter out of his vehicle and tossing them out into the snow.


At the time, 2 Chainz uploaded the clip and asked Uber to rectify the situation and now, he’s elaborating about the incident with Hot 97.

“My daughter was videotaping. My daughter was actually the genius behind that,” he said. During the drive, 2 Chainz’s wife was said to have felt “disrespected by the driver” who then threatened to put the family out of his car.

“My wife is a very sweet person, but when it involved the kids, animal instincts kicked in,” he added, mentioning that Uber has contacted him. “I have so many receipts. My daughter did a great job with just sitting there filming the whole thing.” There apparently is a longer video that exists but he opted to only share just a portion of the altercation.

So far Uber has not responded to the video, nor to 2 Chainz’s allegations.

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