Tyson Fury Wants To Fight The Logan Brothers ASAP

Boxer Tyson Fury says he’s tired of the Paul brothers talking about stepping into the ring with him — they need to make it happen now.

“The fight is supposed to be happening. Both guys keep talking about it, so they better step up and show some balls and actually do the fight.” Fury said. “I’m sick of all the talk about a fight that doesn’t happen, so let’s get it on. Let these 2 go to war. Put on a show for the fans. Everybody wants to see it.”

On social media, Jake Paul said: “If you beat me I will give you an extra $500,000. However, if you lose you have to change your last name for one year to Tommy Fumbles.”

Tyson Fury accepted: “We have a deal. Get that sent over to my lawyers ASAP right now. We’ll get that looked at and sorted because there’s not a chance in hell you are winning this fight. You’re leaving on a stretcher. You’re getting knocked spark out and you know it. Get it over to me now.”

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