Tyson Beckford Says Black Rob Warned Him Not To Work w/ Diddy

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Tyson Beckford is claiming that late rapper Black Rob once warned him not to work with Diddy.

Beckford once sued Diddy for not paying him all of his money for a modeling gig.

"I heard rumors that they felt like I was getting too big and I was going to make him obsolete. How am I gon' make him obsolete? He's his own, you know. Sean John is him, I'm just a face," Beckford told DJ Vlad in a recent interview.

"I never got a full explanation or an apology. It is what it is," he continued. "I remember the late-great Black Rob telling me, 'You gon' run into some problems.' I didn't think about it and didn't really digest what he was saying, but I get it. It's all good." 


Beckford said after going to court, the rest of the money he was owed was donated to the United Negro College Fund.