Tyrese Apologizes To Hotel For Showing Up Covered In Fake Blood


Tyrese has apologized to the Ritz-Carlton for turning up covered in fake blood.

“You probably thought I just did a drive-by shooting,” Tyrese said. “All this hair on my face is fake, and none of the blood is real. I just left a movie set so I was just doing my job. This is me just being in uniform,” apologizing to the women at the front desk.

“I did not hurt anybody. No one’s after me. You have nothing to be worried about,” he added.

Tyrese was in good spirits. He lost his mother to Covid-19 and pneumonia this month.

“My heart is full, hurt and very much so still in a place of disbelief but my heart is also fulfilled because you carved out 2 to 20 mins and covered my beloved mother and family…,” he wrote. “This is my attempt to let you guys know I NOTICED and I’m grateful that when my family needed your uplifting healing energy you showed up from over 100+ countries……. My mother is resting and now Valentines Day will never be the same….”

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