Tyler Perry ADMITS To Using Madea Voice During Intimacy . . . Says ‘HELLLURRR’!!!

Tyler Perry told a little too much about his personal life, during a recent interview with Vanity Fair magazine, MTO News has learned.

Vanity Fair recently had Tyler Perry participate in their Lie Detector Test series. 

The hilarious segment forces some of the world’s biggest celebrities to be honest while being asked outrageous questions. 

During the interview, Tyler opened up about Madea being inspired by his mother. He also joked that if they could hang out, he believes Madea and his mom would bond over men and cooking.

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The most revealing part of the interview came when Tyler disclosed that he used the Madea voice during [intimacy]. 

The billionaire Hollywood producer initially tried to deny that he uses the Madea voice at all outside of character, but the lie detector determined he was not telling the truth. 

Then Tyler corrected himself, and said he used the Madea voice, “on occasion” during intercourse. Tyler told the interviewer that he says “heller” and sings Adele songs also.

While the two did not clarify if he was lying or not, he does go on to say that Madea would certainly fail a lie detector test. 

“She has too much to hide; she’s wanted and has warrants.” He then slipped into the voice and joked that the last time Madea was strapped up, she woke up in Mexico with a strange nickname.


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