Tyga ALLEGEDLY Caught Watching TikToks Of Kylie’s Daughter Stormi, 4 . . . For HOURS!!

A model named Brooke Schofield claims last Tyga, 32, once invited her to his house and that they watched four hours of videos of Kylie and Travis Scott’s four year old daughter, MTO News has learned.

Instagram influencer Brooke made the claims on her podcast Cancelled with Tana Mongeau. The model started off saying: “Did I talk about my Tyga experience?

The model continued, “He invited me over one night I go over there and we sat on a Lovesac for like six hours and watched TikToks.”

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“Just watched TikToks, crying laughing at TikToks and then I went home and it was the most wholesome thing, I’m like, ‘Really Tyga?'”

She added: “And it was funny too because – he’s going to be like’ ‘b****h why the f**k are you talking about this,’ but whatever – he liked all these Stormi TikToks.”

Stormi is the name of Kylie and Travis’ four year old daughter, MTO News confirmed.

Brooke’s co-hots Tana was shocked at her friend’s story and dropped her jaw in surprise.

What do you think about Tyga watching all those little girl videos?

Brooke started out as a restaurant hostess in LA, and is best friends with co-hot Tana and has 150,000 followers on Instagram.

Tyga and Kylie first dated when Kylie was 16 and Tyga was 24. The couple went public  at her 17th birthday party in 2014.

After she turned 18, the pair became even more public and open about their romance, before breaking up in 2017.

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