Popular Rappers SkinnyFromThe9 & YBN Jay Fight: 1 Gets Knocked Out! (Video)

We’ve heard of celebrity boxing matches – where the celebrities involved get paid millions of dollars. Well yesterday MTO News learned that there was celebrity boxing match – outside of a Los Angeles music studio, between rappers SkinnyFromThe9 and YBN Almighty Jay.

In the fight, which MTO News located on YouTube, the two rappers go toe to toe, and YBN Almighty Jay seems to win the scrap. The two rappers start boxing and Jay catches skinny with a nice two piece that puts him down.

To SkinnyFromthe9’s credit, he manages to get up and continue fighting after being temporarily knocked out of his senses.

But the Caucasian rapper ended up taking more punishment, and after a brief exchange, YBN Almighty Jay caught him with a straight right that put him down for even longer.

Again Skinnyfromthe9 got up off the ground, and the flight was eventually broken up.


After the fight was over, both men took to Instagram Live, and claimed that they won the fight. YBN Almighty Jay claims that he will never fight SkinnyFromThe9 again. And Skinny claims that he won the fight – watch:

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