Twitter Going CRAZY After Explicit Pics Of Kelly Rowland Re-Surface Online!!

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R&B singer Kelly Rowland is trending on social media today, after an explicit image showing Kelly 'leaked online,, MTO News has learned.


The image isn't really a "leak" because it was actually a screenshot from a Kelly Rowland music video that flopped a year ago. But since most never saw the video - the pic is basically "new" to most.

Here it is:


Kelly dropped an explicit music video a year ago, for her single “Coffee”. In the video, Kelly was nude - or basically so - rolling her coffee-colored, perfectly toned bodied in sand while singing, “Coffee and sex in the mornin’, Breakfast in bed, got me moanin’ /


Before you go to work, I need you to go to work / Pardon my sincerity, You know I’m a rarity.” She can also be seen in a sheer shirt, confidently flaunting it all while singing, “They say morning wood do a body good, babe / Clearly you agreed, don’t be tryna leave / Stay here with me / I’ll put you right back to sleep, I’ll get you right for the week.”

The video, which highlighted all shades and sizes of coffee-colored women, was a celebration of Black women. Unfortunately, like most of Kelly's recent music - very few people saw it.

Now the video is getting a resurgence. Here's the full unedited video, which plays on Youtube: