Twitter Clowns Tyrese After He Reveals How He Avoids Catching COVID-19!!


People are clowning Tyrese after he revealed that he beats COVID-19 by sleeping in a sweltering hot room.

“Random sh*t I think of on flights… One of my secrets for staying COVID free is I sleep with the heat on 90 degrees every night lol ….Been sleeping at this temp for 15 years so it’s nothing new….. “ he wrote. “But….. Rumor has it if you catch Covid it doesn’t survive warm temperatures?”

He then switched up his train of thought: 

“Another random thought is people are not loyal to you… They are loyal to what they want FROM you…. It’s ok to be cool with people who you clearly see and KNOW they want something…. As long as you are CLEAR about their CLEAR intentions….. Just know… Soon as they don’t get what they want…. They will disappear faster than you can blink…. And just leave you standing there confused, shook and feeling like wtf just happened……”


So far, he’s managed to stay COVID free…

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