Twitter Claims Female Rapper Young Ma: A Proud Gay Stud – Pregnant By A MAN!!

Twitter is going out of control this morning, MTO News has learned, with reports that female rapper Young Ma – who is a proud gay stud – is pregnant by a man, MTO News has learned.

The claim is so crazy, that it had Young Ma as the number one trending topic on the social media platform for a good part of today.

The rumors started online yesterday, when a person claimed to have spotted Young Ma, and she appeared to have a rather large baby bump.

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And Young Ma has been out of the limelight recently – and hasn’t posted any pics of herself in months, which caused the speculation to rise even further.

As MTO News reported last month, Young Ma is currently in a drug treatment rehabilitation facility, getting her life right.

But it’s not clear whether she is, or isn’t pregnant.

Then Twitter went out of control. Here are just a few of the tweets:

MTO News reached out to Young Ma’s camp about the rumor and the female rapper’s team is claiming that she’s not pregnant. Young Ma’s rep told us that the rumor of her being pregnant is “100% false.”

But celebrities often deny pregnancy reports, so this denial doesn’t necessarily mean that Young Ma isn’t pregnant.

Then, Young Ma took to social media to respond to the rumor herself. Look what she had to say about it:

But Twitter is sticking by the original report, MTO News has learned. They continue to believe that Young Ma is carrying a baby.

We’ll probably have to wait until Young Ma is out of rehab, and back on social media, to get a 100% refutation of the rumor.

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