Twitter Calls POLICE On Lizzo: Investigated For ‘Indecent Exposure’ Around Kids! (DETAILS)


Female rap sensation Lizzo may be in a lot of legal trouble. MTO News learned that two people are claiming on Twitter that they called “the police” on Lizzo – and reported her for allegedly exposing herself in front of children, MTO News has learned.

The incident happened last week, and Lizzo proudly posted a video showing her alleged “indecent exposure” on her Instagram page.

In the video, Lizzo can be seen wearing an extra short skirt, with her butt hanging out. She was at a Los Angeles park – where children congregated, and many could be seen in the background. 

Lizzo can be seen dancing, and then twerking near the children. While dancing, she allowed her miniskirt to ride up and expose her backside.


The two fans claim they were “outraged” by Lizzo’s behavior and contacted the Los Angeles police to report the indecency. MTO News learned that both fans claim that they filled out a police report, and were told that police are “investigating” the incident.

In California, the crime of Indecent Exposure occurs when a person exposes his or her naked body or genitals in front of anyone who could be annoyed or offended by it. While most people think it only happens in public, Indecent Exposure can happen in just about any environment. The exposure, however, must be willful and lewd.

Penalties for Indecent Exposure vary. A first conviction will likely result in a Misdemeanor sentence of six months in a county jail and/or a fine of up to one-thousand dollars. A second offense will be treated as a Felony and could result in a State prison term. If you’re convicted of Felony Indecent Exposure you must register as sex offenders for a minimum of ten years.

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