Turk: Me & Lil Wayne Gave Our Baby Mamas Crabs!!

Cash Money rapper Turk says he and Lil Wayne once gave their baby mamas crabs.

 “Look, when I’m telling these stories, we were young. When we was young, like 15, 16, we Hot Boyz. We had this thing we had called Toss A Bitch. We even had a song,” he begins.

“What me and Wayne used to do was compete with each other to see how many females we was gonna f*ck that week. And we keep their panties. This particular time we in Houston… it was always these two sisters. They know who they is. And me and Wayne always used to get these two sisters to come to the hotel because they was fo’sure,” Turk told Vlad.

He says they caught the crabs from the sisters.

“Me and Wayne used to be tossing these two sisters… one of them must’ve had the claps. Gave me and Wayne the claps man. We get on the tour bus itching and scratching. We find out we got crabs,” he says.

Turk then explains the gory details.

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