Trump Walks Out Of Piers Morgan Interview


Donald Trump walked out of an interview with Piers Morgan in the snippet of an episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Trump is seen calling Piers a “fool” and “very dishonest.” He then tells the tv crew to cut off the cameras as he stepped away.

“I think I’m a very honest man … much more honest than you, actually,” Trump says.

“Really?” Morgan asked. 

“Yeah,” Trump responded. 

Trump released a statement on the interview after it was released.

“Piers Morgan, like the rest of the Fake News Media, attempted to unlawfully and deceptively edit his long and tedious interview with me,” he said.

Piers revealed that he had been in touch with the Trump family. Trump is not speaking to Piers but him and Ivanka are still cool.

“She said, ‘Actually, I’m with Dad and Jared now.’ I said, ‘Well, tell your dad’ – I thought I’ll be careful about how I phrase this – ‘tell your dad I almost miss him.’ She laughed.”

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