Trump: The Black Youth Will Vote For Me!!

President Donald Trump made headlines over the weekend after he claimed that the “Black youth” will vote for him in Tuesday’s election.

“Joe Biden constantly used the term “Super Predator” when referring to young Black Men, according to my sources,” he tweeted.


Trump also said at a rally: “For 47 years, Joe Biden viciously attacked African Americans. We know that. He shipped away your jobs, decimated the Black middle class, and flooded your cities with foreign labor, gangs and drugs,” he said. “He openly called– and I think everyone knows this– he openly called young Black men’ super predators.’ In 1994, the crime bill, he devastated Black families in places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit.”

As Trump made the claims over the weekend, Twitter were quick to remind him about his campaign against the Central Park Five — now renamed the Exonerated Five, who were accused of raping a white woman. Despite the evidence not adding up, Trump ran full-page newspaper ads calling for all five teenagers to face the death penalty.

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