Trump Supporting Chicago ‘Hoodrats’ Stab Guard Over Wearing Masks!


Two Chicago girls, who are reported supporters of Donald Trump, are facing first degree attempted murder charges over masks, MTO News has learned.

Jessica and Jayla Hill – 21 and 18 – charged with attempted first-degree murder after police say they stabbed a security guard who asked them to wear a mask.

Jessica and Jayla are both believed to be supporters of President Trump, because of multiple social media posts attributable to the girls.

And they really WENT IN on the stabbing too.

The two sisters, who are being labeled on social media as “hood rats”  are accused of stabbing a West Side Chicago store security guard 27 times with a knife after he asked them to wear face masks and use hand sanitizer.

Police say that the sisters started arguing with the guard after they refused the guard’s request for them to wear masks at the Snipes store.


One of the woman allegedly punched the security guard, and Jessica allegedly pulled a knife from her back pocket – and began stabbing the man.

Police claim that while Jessica was stabbing, Jayla held him in place by his hair. 

The man was stabbed in his chest, back, neck and arms and left the 32-year-old victim hospitalized in critical condition, police spokeswoman Karie James said.

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