Trump May Bring ‘The Apprentice’ Back When He Leaves Office

President Donald Trump still has not conceded, but according to sources, he is considering bringing back the reality television show, The Apprentice, once he leaves office.

According to The Daily Beast, Trump has been mentioning the idea in conversations over the past two weeks, by asking advisers, “How would you like to see The Apprentice come back?” or “Remember The Apprentice?”

It is alleged that Trump and show creator Mark Burnett have been “talking up the prospect and has told associates he sees a revived Apprentice as a potential huge money spinner.”


Burnett has denied the rumors.

If Trump did decide to reboot the series, it’s likely that many would boycott. Trump’s presidency was filled with errors. He administration divided the country and fueled hate between races. Most recently, he refused to condemn a huge national security hack — allegedly carried out by Russia. Over the weekend, reports surfaced that he had a meeting and considered implementing martial law to hold onto the presidency.

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