Trump Defends Capitol Hill Rioters: There Was Zero Threat


Former President Donald Trump is still defending the Capitol Hill rioters who stormed the building on Jan.6.

He says there was “zero threat” and says they were “kissing and hugging the police.”

“It was zero threat. Right from the start, it was zero threat,” Trump said. “Look, they went in, they shouldn’t have done it. Some of them went in, and they’re hugging and kissing the police and the guards, you know, they had great relationships,” Trump said on The Ingraham Angle.

Five people were killed during the violence. Many more were injured.

“A lot of the people were waived in, and they walked in and they walked out,” Trump continued, “and I’ll tell you what, they are doing things to those — they’re persecuting a lot of those people, and some of them should be — some things should happen to them.”


He claims the rioters are being targeted.

“They go after people that, I guess you’d call them ‘lean toward the right,’ and they wave American flags. In many cases, they are waving the American flag, and they love our country. And to those people, they’re arresting them by the dozens.”

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