Tristan Thompson’s Lawyer Claps Back At Sydney Chase: Show Us The Texts!!

Sydney Chase publicly stated that she would not be paying any mind to the cease and desist sent to her by Tristan Thompson laywer, Marty Singer.

She says she will not be called a “liar” over her allegations that she slept with Tristan.

His lawyer has responded.

“You have stated to the media that ‘I will not be called a liar,’ You claim that your statements about supposedly receiving texts from my client are true. You also were reading and quoting from those fictitious texts. You claim that those texts you allegedly received prove you had an affair with my client,” he said in a statement obtained by Page Six.


“However, notwithstanding continued requests from me and from the press to provide the texts to back up your specious accusations, you have refused to do so. On three separate occasions including my email today, we have asked you to give us copies of the texts you claim you received from my client, but you have refused,” he continued.

It’s unclear as to why they so desperately want to see the texts. If Tristan knows he did nothing wrong, then they will know Sydney has no evidence.

Singer’s adds, “Articles published by multiple media outlets state that they also asked you for copies of the purported texts to prove their existence. While you claim that your statements about the texts are not false, you persistently refuse to provide evidence that they exist and allegedly support your claims … The inescapable conclusion is that they do not exist.”

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