Tristan Thompson ‘Pays $120K A Month’ In Child Support!!

Tristan Thompson allegedly pays $120k in child support between all three of his baby mamas.

A source told The Sun the payment is split between to Khloe Kardashian, Maralee Nicols and Jordan Craig.

Family lawyer Bryan Konoski told The Sun: “He is paying out the nose for these kids! With his base salary, his take home is probably about half, so let’s say $5 million. Now reduce that by $1.5 million.”


The attorney continued: “Paying $40,000 per child per month, that is $1.5million annually in child support. If he is paying $40,000 to Marlee and Jordan he is doing the same for Khloe. He wouldn’t have been able to get it reduced because she is worth more.”

Tristan will have to make the payments until his children are 18.

Khloe ended things with Tristan for good after finding out he had impregnated Maralee Nichols. He posted an apology to Khloe and True on Instagram but she is done with him.

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