Trina Wants Lil Kim Verzuz: Nobody Has Asked Me!!

Trina has revealed that she’d be open to battling Lil Kim on Verzuz but that nobody has asked her to do it.

“[Lil] Kim is that bitch. Let’s be very clear…When I came into the industry, this is who I looked at, looked up to. This is the lyrics that I recited, this is what made me know that it’s okay to talk that lethal sh*t…,” she shared. “Therefore, I would feel like that’s equivalent because Kim is legendary, and she got mad records.”

She continued, “I won’t even feel like a competition because it’s a family thing. I’m probably gonna be so much more engaged in her records than anything cuz it’ll go back to when I first heard her, so I’ll be in my vibe, like fanned out… That’s just what I would say. That’s just my little opinion, but nobody reached out.”


Lil Kim has not publicly confirmed whether she’d want to battle Trina.

Y’all think it’s a good match up or is there somebody better suited to battle Trina?

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