Trick Daddy Reflects On The Time He Caught Gonorrhea!!

Trick Daddy spoke about the time he caught gonorrhea during his new interview with The Breakfast Club.

“The only thing I ever had a delayed reaction to was gonorrhea. I thought I was personally fine, it turned out she burnt me three days later,” he said.

The reality show star said he did not know which woman gave it to him.

“It was sad and it became funny, because in Miami at that time if you caught VD they ask you if you had group sex and who you had it with,” he said. “And then they have these health department vans that would go get them. And I put all my homeboys’ names on the list and they came to school and got them.”

He then told them about the earwax test.

“It’s a geechie thang. You’ll know if you got something if you stick your finger in your ear and insert it [in the vagina]. And if she jumps, she got something.”

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