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Trick Daddy: I'm More Scared Of Roaches Than Bees!!

Trick Daddy is tripling down on his views about Beyonce not being able to sing in a new interview.

During the interview on the BNC, he said:

"How y'all doing, Beyhive? Wish y'all supported me as much, I sold a lot of records, ain't never got nominated for no awards. He added, "I grew up with roaches, I'm more afraid of roaches than bees."

He also said that people were not paying attention to what he was really saying about Jay-Z.

"A lot of people who are up in an uproar probably didn't hear what I said, they don't understand what I'm saying because they're trolls," he said.

But he says he still believes that Yonce can't hold a tune.

"I don't care who don't agree with me. If I offended somebody, do I care? Yeah, probably. But I don't think I said nothing to offend anybody."

The Beyhive have been attacking Trick online... but he says he's unfazed.