Trick Daddy Defends Eating Booties!!

Trick Daddy is defending his comments that he likes to get his booty ate.

“I am and will forever be the president and CEO and founder of the EBG. That’s the Eat a Booty Gang,” he said on his radio show with Trina.

“I have no shame in my heart about this. And not only the founder — I’m also a member. At EBG our motto is ‘Baby, lay down. We got you. I hope you got me too.’ No pee-pee, no doo-doo.”

In 2014, Trick Daddy launched the Eat A Booty Gang. 

“I want to get it government funded. They fund the KKK. Why can’t they fund the Eat A Booty Gang? If the government funded the Eat A Booty Gang, as the CEO and founder of the Eat A Booty Gang, I promise not one clean booty will go unate,” he told AllHipHop.


He continued, “I’m a man. Real men love women. I’ve been talking since 96-97… I was the first one that got on a record and ate the p***y. On “I’ll Be Your Player” I said, “I’ll eat your coochie with your legs up, down your back, up your crack.” See, I already ate the booty. I just didn’t say it yet. But I did say it.”

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