Trey Songz’ Brother Reacts To Rape Allegations


Trey Songz’s brother has reacted to reports that the singer is facing multiple sexual harassment lawsuits.

“Y’all have these wild misconceptions that [Trey Songz] has all these rape allegations when he doesn’t. All the ones you’ve been seeing are from the same lawyer. How on earth is that not coincidental to y’all?”

He also responded to people alleging he harassed Keke Palmer.

“[Keke Palmer] never accused him of anything sexual,” he said. “She was speaking to his energy and desire to have her in a music video she didn’t want to be in. And again, that is her prerogative!”

Trey Songz has been sued for $20 million by a woman who claims the singer an*lly raped her at a 2016 party. Jane Doe said her injuries were so “brutal” she required medical attention.

“[Songz] repeatedly asked [the woman] if he could ‘get that ass.’ [She] repeatedly told [him] NO and to stop asking,” the lawsuit reads. “After entering the bedroom, [Songz] turned, almost immediately, into a savage rapist. [He] threw [her] to the ground, ripped [her] pants off, pinned [her] down face first and forced [his] penis into [her] anus without [her] consent.”

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